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About Word Counter

Why to use an Online Word Counter Tool?

There are many sites online where you have to fulfill the minimum word requirement.So if writing articles and also counting words manually on your own will make you tired. 


Even when you come to the 5th line of the article you will get to know how tiring and difficult this is. And also who wants to waste his precious time in counting words manually as it can be easily done through our tool.


Our Free Word Counter tool will help you to count the words of your article automatically within the seconds without any effort.



How does it work?


We made our Free word counter tool user-friendly. Due to which it’s ease of use for our users and also it’s user-friendly view makes it the top word counter tool.


As I said, its use is very easy. You have to just go to the link and have to paste your text in the text box given on this page.

After that click submit and your Result will be in front of you within the second. It will show you the Total words of your article and also the characteristics of your article.


Users Privacy?


For us our Users Privacy matters the most. In other online word counter tools maybe they keep the record of your articles in their servers but we don’t do that.

We don’t keep the records and view your articles while you use our Free Word Counter tool to count the words of your article and also not for other SEO Tools on our website.

We Guarantee the user’s privacy and we give you surety that your article is only accessible by you. And your content is 100% safe with us.


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