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Link Analyzer Tool: All you need to know 


Are you looking for an online utility that helps you analyze your link profile effectively? If yes, look no further. Super SEO Toolz provides you many free SEO and link analyzer tools at your fingertips.  All the tools with premium features you need to optimize your website for search results are free of charge here. Further, you can access and then use these free link analyzer tools without encountering a hiccup. There's no denying that SEO analysis and monitoring for websites are vital for ranking your website. From web admins, SEO specialists to business owners of all sizes, these intuitive and easy-to-understand tools are must-have.  

How To Use Free Link Analyzer Tool By Super Seo Toolz?

Any URL of the website can be analyzed with this Super Seo Toolz's Free Link Analyzer Tool. 

  • Enter the URL of the page

  • Select the link. Do bear in mind that links found on a website are categorized into Do-follow, no-follow, internal, and external links. 

  • Press the enter. 

Within seconds, all links to the site will be analyzed. 

What Output You Will Get From This Link Analyzer Tool?

You get the following helpful information from the Super Seo Toolz's Free Link Analyzer Tool.

  • Your web page contains a total of links.

  • Links on a page that point to other pages on the Internet.

  • On each page of a website, there are external links.

  • The links that follow or do not follow on a web page.

This link analyzer allows you to watch which links are being followed on your blog or website. Analyzing internal and external links connected to your website is possible with this tool. You can quickly identify dead links using you can check for broken links on the page using this link checker. You will be able to significantly improve search engine optimization for your website as a result. The better your page ranking, the more likely you are to increase traffic to your site.

Benefits Of Free Link Analyzer Tool By Super Seo Toolz

Using the Link Analyzer Tool, you can quickly evaluate the ratio between internal and external links for any website, which generates a complete report in table form. In addition to researching other sites that link to you, it is also beneficial for web admins. This tool is also helpful if you use it intelligently. A complete link analysis report is one of the most popular Fiverr services that intelligent online marketers offer to their clients. This tool can use along those lines as well. Your website's ranking in the search engines dramatically influences its popularity. Search engines such as Google can measure an utterly different parameter. As such, it is best to fix broken links on your site. In other words, improve your search engine rankings by eliminating these issues.  


If your website contains broken or hazardous links, you can use this free Link Analyzer Tool by Super Seo Toolz to determine if they exist. Attempting to locate links your competitors' websites lack would be of great benefit to your website. For link building success, do not use any software or scripts that help with link building. Clean, fresh, and authentic websites will score better in search engines. Be focused on outperforming your rivals' websites.