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About Keyword Position Checker

What is Keyword Position?

Keyword Position is the ranking of your website for the Specific Keywords on Google. In Simple words it means the position of your website on that Keyword. 

For Example:- If you write an Article “How to Earn Money Online” and if someone Search This Phrase So the Position of your website in the Search Result will be called Keyword Position.

Keyword Position Checker By Super Seo Toolz

To check any keyword Position for your website or any other website without Doing it all manually and without any effort. So in this case our Keyword Position Checker Tool will do it for you for free and without any effort. 


Our Keyword Position Checker Tool will help you to see your website ranking for a Particular Keyword on the Google and Yahoo Search Engine. 


For Example:- Your website is About the T20 World Cup and your Focused Keyword is “T20 World Cup 2021”. So if you want to check on which number your website is ranking on Google and Yahoo search engine for this Keyword. This Tool will Help you in this Matter Most. 


Our Tool is not only fast and simple to use, it’s also User Friendly and reliable to use.


How to use Keyword Position Checker By Super Seo Toolz?

It's easy to use the Keyword Position Checker Tool by Super Seo Toolz. Follow these Steps:-

  • First of all go to this page (

  • Enter Your Domain name in the First Box 

  • Then enter Keywords (1 Keyword Per Line) whose ranking you want to check for your website

  • Then Choose the Search Position in which you want to check the website

  • Click Find Keyword Position

  • Here Is the list you get about your Keyword Position Checker


The Search Position is the real And you can check it on your own by searching the keyword on google.