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How to use Google Index Checker by Super SEO Toolz?

Google index checker by Super SEO Toolz is super user-friendly and an extremely helpful tool for bloggers, website owners and also for webmasters. Because it is a quick testing tool which can tell you how many of your web pages are indexed on the Google search engine. 

You just have to come on this page and then enter the URL of your website. Then click the CHECK button and you will get the result within a second providing details of how many of your website URLs are indexed on the Google search engine.


Why is Google Indexing so important for websites?

If you are a beginner and you don't know why Google indexing is so important for websites then let me tell you,  if you write an article on the topic by doing a deep research on it with much effort. And after that if Google does not index your article then it means your article will not be going to show on Google search engine for the specific topic. 

So you have to index your article on Google search engine or any other search engine to make it applicable and searchable for other users. So it means if you are not indexing your URL on the search engines then you will not get any organic traffic, but you can get referral traffic by sharing your website link on social platforms.

So now you can understand why Google indexing is so important for the website.


What does Google Index Mean?

Google Indexing Bots visits Millions of Websites daily and Indexes them which meets it’s interest. It's not Important that Google indexing bot index all the websites which he visits. If Google does not find the keywords, names and topics That is of its interest. Then there is a high chance that it will not index that website or article. 

So a good meta description and tags are important to index a website on Google search engine. You can make a good Meta Tag by using our free Meta Tag Generator Tool.


How to Index your Web Pages quickly on Google Search Engine?

After checking the result of your website provided by our free google index checker tool. If the provided data by our free Google index checker tool shows that there is a big number of web pages of your website that are not indexed on Google search engine. Then, to index them quickly after publishing them you have to create a Sitemap.

So basically Sitemap is an XML type file which you can upload on your website server. And it will make a record of all the pages of your website which make it easier for the Google search engine to index your newly website pages. We have developed an online free tool which will help you to generate an XML Sitemap for your website within the few blinks. 

After generating XML sitemap For your website, Upload it on your server and submit it to Google Search Console or any other search engine Webmaster Tools. Which will help them to index your website pages easily after they get published on your website.