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Introduction to Backlink Maker By Super Seo Toolz

Backlink Maker Tool is the #1 tool to create High Quality Backlinks to Your website.

This Tool Is Built with the SEO Best Practice & Keeping the Rules of Google in the mind. Backlink maker will help your website to rank on the Top of the Google Search by creating The High Quality Backlinks for Your Website.

It will make the High Quality Backlinks in Huge Number just in the Seconds.

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a hyperlink from a third-party website to yours. Google uses backlinks as a ranking signal to measure the validity, relevancy and authority of your website. Generally the more backlinks you have and the better their quality the higher up the search results you'll appear for your target keyword. 

So what does this mean? Well if you have hundreds of backlinks from popular and authoritative websites such as forbes and business insider then it's likely that you'll rank very highly for a particular search query. Alternatively, If you have little to no backlinks or the backlinks that you do have are from low authority websites then you're likely to get buried in the search results. 

But is this always the case? Well not necessarily think of it like a chain if the content that contains your link has little to no backlinks itself or all the links are a low authority. Then google might place a higher value on the link coming from the lower authority website.


Why do websites need backlinks?

Well we need backlinks for two reasons: 

  1. To improve our ranking 

  2. To increase Discoverability 

To Improve Ranking:-

Backlinks are one of google's top ranking factors. Google sees each backlink as a vote of confidence, Whenever one website links to another it acts as a signal that the content is of value.

To Increase Discoverability:-

Alongside ranking juice backlinks make your website more discoverable by increasing the volumes of referral traffic.

How to use Backlink Maker By Super Seo Toolz

3 Easy Steps to use Backlink Maker and Create your website Backlinks:-