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About Alexa Rank Checker

What is the Alexa Rank?

Alexa rank is the listing of websites according to their popularity and daily uses. In short and easy words if you want to know the ranking of your website. Then you have to check the Alexa Rank of your website. Alexa Rank is made by an american company Alexa Internet and owned Officially by Amazon. 


For Example:- If one website traffic is 10M and other’s have 9.9M. Then the website with 10M will Rank Upper then the website having 9.9M Traffic in Alexa Rank.


The Alexa Rank doesn’t contain all domains on the internet. But the Alexa Rank Contains Millions of Domains. The main reason Behind if the domain is not available in the list of Alexa Rank is that your domain Doesn’t have any Popularity. The domain having Alexa Rank 1 is having more traffic then the website having Alexa Rank 10.


Ranking on the top of the search engines in such a competitive world is difficult. The websites most visited will appear on the first pages of the searches, and compared to that your website may get lost in the other pages. Alexa Rank can be helpful as it displays the list of websites according to the popularity of websites. 

Why to use Alexa Rank Checker by Super SEO Toolz?

Our Alexa Rank Checker Tool is very easy and simple to use. The Look of our Alexa Rank Checker Tool is user-friendly which makes it easier for users to understand it.


Our Alexa Rank Checker Tool is also free. It will give you all the data of your website for free also. Like the country in which your website is ranking and getting much traffic. And the top ranking keywords of your website. No other Tool will give you these details for free as our tool will.


It will also show you the Popularity, Regional Rank and total backlinks of your site for free.

How To Get a Better Alexa Rank?

I have some best tips for you to rank on Alexa:- 

Publish Original Content:- 

Duplicated or plagiarized content will damage the SEO of your website and also affect the ranking of your website. If you provide content on daily bases it shows the value to your visitors. 

Correct Meta Tags:-

If your website appears on the first page of search engines, and your meta Tags and Description is poorly written then don’t see dreams of more traffic for your website. Try to tell people  what you are displaying on your website before they click on the site. Use Our Free Meta Tag Generator Tool to get your Meta Tags Right.

Use inbound links:-

Use Inbound links on your articles or webpages. Inbound linking is to link your 1 Article to another within the Post. This will make your website look more reliable and trustworthy.

Find Keywords:-

Find the best and trending keywords that are driving traffic to your competitors website and then after that optimize your website according to it to rank up then your competitors site. You can find or get the Keyword suggestion by using our Free Keyword Suggestion Tool.

How To Use Alexa Rank Checker By Super SEO Toolz?

Our alexa rank checker tool is easy to use. But if you don’t know how to use it then here is the simple Guide for You:-

1:- Go to the page Alexa Rank Checker

2:- Enter the URL of your website in the box under the text Enter a URL.

3:- Now Click Submit.

4:- The Alexa Rank and data for your site is now in front of you.